diego maury hacksureste

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About me

Entrepreneur. Coordinator. Enabler.

Highly skilled and dedicated professional with a successful track record in promoting technological innovation, entrepreneurship, and strategic management of open innovation projects. Expert in creating strategic partnerships, managing program operations, and mentoring students. Proficient in teaching essential skills for business success and driving innovation ecosystems.

My Skills

Leadership · Project management · Mentoring · PR and Networking · Event planning and production · Productivity · Effective communication · Teamwork · Creativity · Problem-solving · Adaptability · Critical thinking · Emotional Intelligence · Negotiation · Innovation · Copywriting · People management · Customer Relationship Management · Public speaking · Persuasion · Empathy · Social media communication · Canva · Microsoft Office Pack · Google Workspace · Stress management · Agile Business Analysis · Non-verbal communication · Decision-Making · Planning · Feedback

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